47 Years of ‘Getting Stuff Done’

Photo of Maurice

Tucked away in the far wash bay at C.J. Miller’s Hampstead headquarters is where you’ll typically find Maurice Poole, happily washing the grime from trucks and equipment that have been out at job sites.

He may be quiet and unassuming as he goes about his day, but Maurice has a distinctive role at C.J. MIller. He is the company’s longest-tenured employee.

A glimpse at his hands show the tell-tale signs of years of hard work – deep callouses and grease embedded in the skin. Nearly five decades ago, in 1970, Maurice officially started at C.J. Miller as a broom tractor driver. Before that, he worked with C.J. and Billy Miller’s grandfather, Charles J. Miller, on the family farm. He referred to their grandmother, Clara, as “Mom,” because she always looked out for him.

Maurice spent 30 years as a pipe layer and working in black top with C.J. Miller. For the past 12 years, has cleaned equipment, checked the forklifts and performed various other duties.

Maurice in his younger days.


Always offering a friendly nod and wave, Maurice is a fixture in Hampstead. He has called Westminster home since he began working at C.J. Miller, and lives there with his wife of 54 years, Ferdida. His grandson, Nathan Beacham, also works for the company. Outside of work, Maurice enjoys going to car shows.

When asked what inspired him to have such a long track record with one company, Maurice humbly shrugged his shoulders, offered a little smile and said, “I just liked everybody, I guess.”

His goal when he comes to work is simple. “Just get stuff done.”

Over the years, he has seen the company double in size and add a fleet of modern equipment. He enjoyed working with Charles “Buck” Miller, the company’s founder, and said over the years, it really is his fellow employees that have made him most happy.

“They are pleasant to work with,” he said.

When asked what type of person would make a good C.J. Miller employee today, Maurice’s answer is simple.

“Someone who wants to work.”