C.J. Miller Hat Is A Big Hit In Southern Alabama

The old C.J. Miller hat and the new C.J. Miller hat

In southern Alabama on the Gulf Coast, a popular fishing spot known as Gulf State Park Pier attracts fishing-rod wielding enthusiasts who hook everything from Snapper to Bull Red Fish to Spanish Mackerel.

It’s at this popular tourist destination, on that very pier, that fishing enthusiast Candace Crowley met her fiancé, Ron Burgin.

Photo of the Gulf Coast Pier


Photo of Alabama sunset

As an employee at the park, Ron would clean the beach and find all kinds of items forgotten by tourists. They would leave chairs, blankets, radios, sunglasses, Yeti tumblers and fishing equipment. “You name it, they would leave it,” Candace said.

One day, several years ago, Ron spotted something that caught his eye and that he decided to keep. It was a trucker-style C.J. Miller hat emblazoned with the signature red and blue C.J. Miller logo. Ron had never heard of C.J. Miller, which is 1,049 miles from Gulf State Park Pier, but he took a liking to the hat.

“He’s bald and always wears a hat in Southern Alabama,” Candace noted. “He said the hat just had a real southern feel to it.”

Ron was wearing the hat a day later when a young lady approached and asked, “Hey where did you get that hat?” She said it belonged to her father and she had been wearing it a few days prior, when she lost it. After observing Ron, she said, “You know, it looks good on you. You keep it.”

So Ron did. He googled C.J. Miller and really liked the company motto, “If you always do good work, you’ll never run out of work.”

“He’s also a painter, so those values of good customer service and quality work appealed to him,” Candace said. “He won’t wear a hat if he doesn’t like what it stands for.”

Time and everyday wear were not kind to the CJM hat, and it became lovingly tattered, frayed and faded over the years.

Photo of Ron and some fish he caught

“He has worn that hat to death,” Candace said. “It is by far his favorite hat ever.”

To celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the day they met on the pier, Candace decided to reach out to C.J. Miller via email and see if we might be able to help her procure a new hat for Ron.

We happily sent Ron a new hat and some other C.J. Miller collateral.

“It’s the best gift you’ve ever given me,” Ron said to Candace after receiving the new hat.

Happy anniversary, Ron and Candace, and thanks for being our brand ambassador in the South! Hope the new hat brings you years of joy.

Photo of Ron and Candace