C.J. Miller, LLC Celebrates Work Ethic Of Employees and Young People in Agriculture

Photo of the arena at the Maryland State Fairgrounds

When young people in 4-H and the Future Farmers of America raise cattle, lamb, goats and market hogs to be auctioned off at the annual Maryland State Fair at the Timonium Fair State Fairgrounds, they spend an entire year investing time and money in their livestock to prepare them for competition and auction.

That hard work comes to fruition on auction day, when community businesses and individuals purchase the animals. The young people can then invest the proceeds in their education or a new livestock project.

C.J. Miller, LLC is proud to have played a role in supporting these young people by purchasing a 1,444-pound steer and two pigs totaling 547 pounds at the Aug. 28 Livestock Sale at the 136th Maryland State Fair.

Just as C.J. Miller, LLC admires the young people’s investment of time and effort into their livestock efforts, the company also values commitment, a strong work ethic and a focus on safety demonstrated by its employees.

As a gesture of gratitude to those CJM employees who have served the company for a minimum of five years with no recorded safety incidences in that time, C.J. Miller held a surprise raffle drawing for the beef and pork products.

Winners of the quarters of steer were: Gene Thomas, Mike Steger, Gulliermero Torres, and Ellie Harmon.

Winners of the halves of pig were: Arnold Moore, Mearl Bange, Florentino Pozos, and Harold (“Punky”) Mullhausen.

“Performing quality work in the community is a priority in our business,” said President Charles Miller III. “To be able to celebrate both the professionalism and work ethic of our employees and the hard work of these enthusiastic young people is a win-win for us. Dad (Charles J. “Buck” Miller, Jr.) was a strong supporter in the agriculture community and it makes us proud to be able to carry on that legacy.”

To learn more about our capabilities and contributions to the community, visit cjmillerllc.com.