CJ Miller Employees Come To Rescue Of Frederick Man

Photo of Gene Thomas, Mike Stein, Francis Lews and Nate Markle

Retirees Bob and Charlotte Norwood of Frederick had been watching the CJ Miller crew pave their neighborhood street this November and were happy with what they saw. Bob, who ran a paver for seven years at one point in his career, even offered to let the CJM trucks park on his property.

On Nov. 28, Bob was in the basement of the home he and Charlotte have lived in for more than 30 years when his beloved chihuahua Taco, who is blind, got tangled up underfoot. Bob fell pretty hard, injuring himself. Charlotte discovered her husband bleeding from his ear and head and was physically unable to help him get to his feet.

Panicked, she ran outdoors and yelled to the CJM crew for help. When CJM Sweeper Truck Driver Francis Lewis alerted Mike Stein, who handles Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) for CJ Miller about what happened, Mike sprang into action.

“Just like that he flew into gear,” Charlotte said. “He was just as good as a paramedic. By the time I got inside Bob was already up. Mike had a flashlight and was inspecting Bob’s ear.”

Mike, who has worked for CJ Miller for 11 years, got a First Aid kit and was able to clean Bob’s scrapes up.

“I’m willing to help anybody, that’s just my nature,” Mike said. “I’ll give you the shirt off my back if you need it more than me.”

Charlotte, who has been married to Bob for 55 years and said he goes to McDonalds every morning and brings her back a cup of coffee, said her husband had never fallen like that before and she was quite scared.

“We are just so grateful that Mike came quick as a flash and then came back later to check on him,” Charlotte said. “They were wonderful. He gave me a hug and told me to take care of myself and gave me some wipes to put on Bob’s ear.”

For their willingness to immediately jump in and help, Mike and Francis were issued special safety stickers as part of CJ Miller’s Safety Sticker incentive to promote safety among employees and identify those who distinguish themselves for operating in a safe manner.