Longtime Foreman Steps Up To Help At Accident Scene

Bill Utz shares a laugh with two assistant project managers

Foreman William Utz is a very familiar face at CJ Miller LLC, having worked for the company for the past 26 years.  Extremely knowledgeable and experienced in soil reclamation and other areas of sitework, Bill is a respected and valued member of the company.

He’s also a bit of a spitfire and describes himself as “zesty,” and “full of charisma.”

Whether he’s talking to young project managers or the women in the office, Bill typically elicits smiles and laughter. If you ask him, “How are you?” you’ll often get the response, “I’m finer than frog hair.”

In addition to the zestfulness and joy Bill brings to work each day, he also has a strong sense of compassion.

On Aug. 14, Bill was enroute to perform a job after hours and was traveling on Route 32 off of Route 97 when he witnessed a vehicle rear-end the car in front of it and then spin around and hit it a second time.

Bill shouted to the driver of the car in front of him to make sure he was OK, and he was. Then Bill quickly caught up with the elderly woman whose car was struck.  As he approached her, he saw she seemed a little disoriented and perhaps in shock, so he had her put her car in park and asked if she was able to dial 911 while he directed traffic around the scene.

Donned in his safety green vest, Bill said he was “working traffic as best as I could,” when a state trooper arrived on the scene and asked him to please continue directing traffic. CJ Miller Concrete Foreman Eric Moore drove by and offered assistance.

Bill said he directed traffic for more than 30 minutes and as the woman was taken away on a stretcher he said to her “I hope you’re alright.”

Her son thanked Bill for helping his mom and the first trooper on the scene shook his hand and said “we need more guys like you.”

In typical Bill fashion, he shrugged off his good deed and said, “and off I rode into the sunset.”

Bill will be issued a special safety sticker for his actions, which is presented to employees who distinguish themselves for operating in a safe manner.