Road Trip: C.J. Miller Transports new M7 Series Kubota Tractor to Calvert County Farm

Photo of tractor on truck

From an excavation project in Columbia to snow removal at Washington Dulles International Airport to a $15 million residential development in Frederick County, you never know where you might encounter a hard-working C.J. Miller crew.

Recently we undertook a project with a unique twist. Our friends at Westminster Equipment Co., which is a full-line Kubota dealership, sold their first Kubota M7-151 tractor to a young farmer in Prince Frederick. All they needed was a way to transport the 16,000-pound piece of equipment to Calvert County.

Westminster Equipment Manager Joe Amigh reached out to C.J. Miller Dispatch Superintendent Tim Talbert to see if we could haul the tractor. C.J. Miller is no stranger to transporting equipment to and from job sites or elsewhere on a rental basis, but this project had one caveat. The entire story of the tractor, including its loading on our C.J. Miller Lowboy trailer and its delivery to Spider Hall Farm, would be filmed for Maryland Public Television’s “Farm & Harvest” series.

Our driver Bernie Jaspert, who has worked for C.J. Miller for 6 years, willingly stepped up to claim his 15 seconds of fame. On a sunny day at the end of March, MPT’s production crew arrived at Westminster Equipment, where the shiny orange, freshly Windexed tractor was ready and waiting.  After an interview with Joe, the MPT crew filmed Joe and Bernie carefully loading the tractor on the truck. The M7 series is Kubota’s most powerful tractor to date. It features a 24-Speed Powershift transmission and optional creeper. Its specialized management system allows the operator to customize programs and automate operations. This helps the operator to concentrate on maneuvering and ensures more precise turns and greater work efficiency.


Picture of tractor on the road

While new, this particular tractor already has a special background. It was one of the tractors to be featured in the inaugural parade in January, passing right by the president.

Bernie safely transported the tractor to its new home at Spider Hall Farm. You can tune in to MPT’s “Farm & Harvest” in late November to early December to catch the full story of the M7-151 and its journey. Watch the full episode of Farm & Harvest here: