Stranger Takes Notice Of Simple Gesture Of CJ Miller Driver

Photograph of Harry Boylan by his truck

With truck-driving experience spanning several decades, CJ Miller Driver Harry “Buck” Boylan is no stranger to antsy drivers.

“The best way to deal with tailgaters is to slow down and move away and let them in front of you,” he explained. “When you let unsafe drivers in front of you, the situation becomes much more controllable.”

When Harry recently pulled over to let two such drivers pass, a man by the name of Andy who travels Route 26 daily for work, took notice. He was so impressed with the safe manner in which Harry pulled to the side and the courtesy he demonstrated in letting the drivers pass him, that he took the time to call CJ Miller LLC and tell us about it.

Harry, who is also an author who has published two books, “Bruce The Fire Dog Saves Christmas,” and “The Humorous Side of Trucking,” said he was very surprised and happy to learn about the call.

“I always try to be that person and I have always been a courteous driver,” said Harry, who has CDL A and B licenses with all endorsements.

Harry will receive a special safety sticker to place on his hard hat in recognition of his safe driving practices.

Outside of driving, Harry has led a life of adventure. He’s been scuba diving since he was 18 and even lived on a house boat and was a salvage diver for a time.  He worked for Bethlehem Steel for 27 years, was a long haul driver, has traveled all over and has been published in 18 national magazines. Writing continues to be a passion and Harry has plans to publish additional books.

When it comes to hitting the road each morning, Harry said he has always liked driving and enjoys his job at CJ Miller.

“I love it and I’m home every night,” he said.

Interested in becoming a driver for CJ Miller? Fill out an application here or apply in person at 3514 Basler Road, Hampstead, MD 21074.