Two Long-time C.J. Miller Employees Come to Woman’s Aid

Photo of Eddy Green and Dion Stanton with CJ and Billy Miller

On the morning of Nov. 2, Dion Stanton, C.J. Miller’s Director of Field Operations, and Eddy Green, C.J. Miller’s Excavating Superintendent, were standing near a C.J. Miller job trailer, waiting for a meeting to begin, when they heard a loud bang followed by a car horn going off.

Eddy and Dion immediately ran to the scene of the accident on Route 97 and saw a man in a pick-up truck who had already exited his vehicle, and a woman still in her car. The woman’s air bag had deployed but she was having difficulty exiting her vehicle.

“She was coherent but wanted to get out and was very shaken up,” said Eddy. “We did everything we could to get her out.”

Dion, who celebrated 20 years with C.J. Miller this year, tried to open the woman’s car door, but the handle came off. He said they were able to coach the woman to unlock the vehicle from inside.

Other people were at the scene and emergency services were on the way, but once the woman was out of her car, she wanted to call her husband. Eddy sat down with the woman until help arrived, while Dion called the woman’s husband and explained the details of what happened.

Eddy, who has worked at C.J. Miller for 27 years, has come upon accidents during his tenure, but was never involved in any public way until this month. He said part of the reason he was so quick to jump to the woman’s aid was thinking of his own family, which includes his wife and two sons, ages 18 and 25.

Eddy said when his youngest first got his license, he was involved in an accident and, because he was 16, nothing could be done until his parents arrived.

“When we got there, we saw how scared he was,” Eddy said. “Just seeing how scared this woman was, just seeing the fright, reminded me of my youngest son. If my wife or kids were ever in a similar situation, I would hope someone would help them.”

For their quick efforts to aid in the safety of the woman, Dion and Eddy were awarded a special safety sticker they can place on their hard hat and wear with pride.

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