Select A Product

  • Cold Patch

    Manufactured in our hot mix asphalt plants, cold patch asphalt is the perfect solution for a quick repair. Designed to stay in place as either a temporary or permanent repair, our cold mix is the quick easy solution.
  • Porous Pavement

    The one constant in today’s rapidly changing economic environment is water runoff management. Since CJ Miller is on the leading edge of pavement design, a cost saving solution has been developed. Instead of purchasing additional land (or wasting it in a retention pond) consideration must be given to our porous pavement. Designed to allow water to penetrate it and percolate back into the ground via a recharge bed, land can be saved and better utilized.
  • Bulk Emulsified Tack

    Available at our Finksburg facility, CRS-1 emulsified tack can be pumped into your distributor or tack buggy. Sold by the gallon, the customer can purchase only what they need.
  • Virgin Crushed Stone

    Sold by the ton, CJ Miller offers material sized from 1” down to ¼” manufactured sand. Sold at all three locations, we stock over 15,000 tons at each location.
  • Natural Stone Sands

    C-33 and C-144 mason sand is stocked at our Finksburg site. Natural sand is a must for masons who require the workability of a natural sand product, especially on flat work. Our sand is kept clean and most of it is stored indoors, safe from the elements.
  • Topsoil

    Does your project require a large quantity of quality topsoil? Stocking over 2,000 tons of screened topsoil at our Westminster and Finksburg facility, CJ Miller has your needs covered. Screened to minus ½”, our topsoil is MD SHA approved and ready to be placed.
  • Unscreened Topsoil

    Used for areas requiring deeper placement, our unscreened topsoil is available by the ton. Stocked at the Finksburg location, this material is perfect for jobs requiring it.
  • Bio-Retention/Engineered Soils

    Have a pond project specifying engineered soil? Contact CJ Miller today. We will review the specified soil, develop a blend that meets specification, and deliver it to the construction site. We can handle any custom blend required, along with SHA Bio Retention Soil Mixture, various county bio soil specifications, and water garden soil.
  • Fill material

    CJ Miller has over 80,000 cubic yards of compactable fill material for sale. This material is located at the Finksburg facility and is available year round.
  • Recycled Crushed Concrete

    With three different sizes to choose from (3”-6”, 1 ½”-3”, and 1 ½”- Minus), save money by using recycled material. Used as construction entrances, road base, and as a choking material, recycled crushed concrete has significant cost saving advantages over virgin stone.
  • Asphalt Millings

    Need to re-stone an area or driveway? Instead of placing stone that washes away after the first hard rainstorm, save money and use asphalt millings. Crushed down and sized, this material will actually re-harden and resist washing out after placement. Since it is old roadway that has been milled up and crushed, its attractive black color is an added bonus.
  • Disposal of Waste Asphalt and Concrete

    Instead of landfilling excess concrete or asphalt, dispose of it at CJ Miller’s Finksburg facility. Clean concrete and asphalt are inspected and accepted for a nominal fee. Why pay an exorbitant landfill dump fee, when that same material can be safely disposed of at CJ Miller?
  • Ground Wood Products

    Single, double, and triple ground mulch are available at the Westminster location. Livestock bedding is also available.
  • Hourly Truck Rental

    With a fleet of over 40 dump trucks, allow us to deliver material to your project site. Our drivers pride themselves on their customer service and professionalism. Do you have a tight job site or need a small quantity of material? CJ Miller owns trucks able to maneuver in constricted areas.
Finksburg Plant

2903 Dede Rd, Finksburg 21048
(410) 833-3780

Westminster Plant

390 Vision Way Dr, Westminster 21157
(410) 848-4898

Woodsboro Plant

11421 Woodsboro Pike, Keymar 21757
(301) 845-8784

C.J. Miller is proud to have multiple asphault plants in the area.

C.J. Miller prides itself by maintaining four modern asphalt plants on three different sites. Considered one of the industry leaders; C.J. Miller regularly receives awards for both quality of HMA (hot mix asphalt) as well as environmental stewardship at our production sites.

With a library of over 100 different asphalt designs that meet virtually any specification or need, our customers can be assured that the product they require (no matter how stringent) is obtainable. Should a customer require a mix design not in our portfolio, one will be designed, produced, and tested. From producing material for heavy highway applications, to supplying material to driveway contractors, there is no doubt the material will be promptly manufactured with the utmost quality and care.

Producing a green and sustainable product is of great importance to C.J. Miller. With most of our HMA utilizing RAP (Recycled Asphalt Products), approximately 80,000 tons of waste material is kept out of landfilled areas each year.

RAP is material taken from roads the C.J. Miller asphalt crews have rehabilitated. The RAP is crushed down to size, weighed, and incorporated into the new HMA. In addition to saving landfill space, the use of recycled material has additional environmental benefits by using less virgin aggregates and crude oil in the end product.

The benefits of using recycled material in our asphalt are not solely limited to the environment. Since we are replacing liquid asphalt and virgin aggregate it allows C.J. Miller to remain competitive in the marketplace. The savings are ultimately passed on to the end customer (often the taxpayer) resulting in a more economical product, with no sacrifice to quality.

With production rates in excess of 300 tons per hour, our customers can also be assured material will be delivered on time to the job site. Each plant is also equipped to store 560 tons of material to allow smooth production and assist in surges of material to project sites.

In addition to HMA products, C.J. Miller also produces: cold patch, curb mix, porous pavement, bulk emulsified tack, virgin crushed stone and sand products, natural stone sands (C-33 and C-144 mason sand), MD SHA approved screened topsoil, unscreened topsoil, bio-retention soil, engineered soils, common borrow, select borrow, crushed recycled concrete, asphalt millings, disposal of waste asphalt and concrete, hourly truck rental, mulch products, and livestock bedding.