The C.J. Miller Culture

C.J. Miller LLC is known by developers as the go-to business partner when it comes to site development work. What also sets this family-owned business apart is its commitment to people and to the community.

From supporting U.S. Veterans as a member of Business Advocates for Veterans to cheering on children participating in 4-H to applauding employees taking part in a local “Trucks and Tractors” event, C.J. Miller makes investing in the community and the people in them a priority.

That same spirit of support extends to the C.J. Miller employees. Each year, C.J. Miller is proud to throw one of the biggest picnics around to bring together family, employees and friends to enjoy a day of food, entertainment and laughter.

The company’s founder, Charles “Buck” Miller, was known as a “great man with a big heart” who regularly gave back to the community. C.J. Miller is proud to continue that legacy of community support.

The CJ Miller Way

Core Values
  • Customers define us
  • We deliver what we promise
  • We are a team
  • We are a family
  • Create a positive and energetic workplace
  • Innovate
  • Pride in our community
  • Striving to do the right thing every day
Company Mission
To surround the company with the most talented people who deliver the best quality of work.
Company Vision
To remain Maryland's premier total site development contractor and asphalt producer.
Company Culture
We will only succeed as a company with employees who believe in our core values, our mission and our vision.