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Featured Jobs

  • parkside
    Anne Arundel County, Maryland

    Multi-phase, multi-use residential development located along Route 175 in Anne Arundel County, MD.

    C.J. Miller’s scope of work includes the complete site development package of 40 plus acres of clearing; 200,000 + cubic yards of mass grading; site utilities including 11,500 LF of sanitary sewer, 7,000 LF of storm water, and 14,000 LF of waterline; fine grade; 26,000 LF of curb, and 37,000 SY of asphalt paving.

  • md140
    Carroll County, Maryland
    MD Route 140

    Road repair and resurface job on busy MD 140 with GAP Graded Asphalt product for SHA of MD in Carroll County, MD. CJM’s scope consists of asphalt patching; 180,000 SY of asphalt milling; and 23,000 tons of Gap Graded 12.5 mm PG 76-22 Asphalt. CJM proudly produced the asphalt in our Westminster facility.

  • stoneroad
    Carroll County, Maryland
    Stone Road

    Road relocation and reconstruction project for SHA of MD in Carroll County, MD. CJM’s scope included clearing; removal and replacement of utilities; 40,000 cubic yards of mass excavation; establishing a new roadway bed and stone surface to include 17,000 SY of stone base; and placement of 3,000 tons of new asphalt produced from our Westminster Facility.

  • preston
    Hanover, Maryland
    Preston Gateway North

    Multi-phase commercial use 1.5+M development located in Hanover, MD. CJM’s scope of work included 16 plus acres of clearing; 160,000 + cubic yards of mass grading; 5,000 LF of curb; and 11,000 SY of asphalt paving.

What We Do

  • Clearing

    Clearing is often the first step for in complete site development. Site clearing in central Maryland varies from mowing to brush hogging to the clearing of heavy stands of hardwood timber or pines.

    Our site Clearing Crews are equipped with everything from massive stump grinders and tree shears to handheld chainsaws. We believe clearing a site quickly, correctly and safely is our first opportunity to impress a developer or property owner.

  • Demolition

    Unwanted buildings and foundations need to be removed before the site construction can begin.  Additionally, curbs and paving are frequently part of the site demolition process.  We have a wide range of heavy equipment to tackle almost any demolition job, including milling machines, stabilizers, pavement saws and hydro-hammers.

  • Mass Grading

    Mass grading for building construction is a major component of site preparation, and one that we take great pride in.  With a diverse fleet of excavation equipment, skilled and experienced Operators and the ability to relocate it on a moment’s notice, we’ve developed superior capability to grade a landscape to your engineer’s design, on or often ahead of schedule.

  • Site Utilities

    C.J. Miller utilizes its own utility crews and on occasion sub-contractor crews to meet the utility needs of its customers.Utility installation work can be dangerous. The installation of utilities occurs in trenches that can be twenty-five feet or more below the surrounding surface. The company provides the best safety equipment available to all utility crews, then strictly enforces and monitors this equipment’s use and maintenance. The combination of safe, well trained, well equipped crews with the purchase of quality materials ensures that utilities are properly installed the first time, every time.

  • Fine Grading

    Fine grading is the customization of a site once mass grading is complete. Our state-of-the-art equipment operated by experienced, highly-skilled personnel can accurately and efficiently grade road shoulders, slopes, storm water ponds and landscape design areas to exact specifications.

  • Curb Installation

    Bituminous curbs and concrete curbs are commonly included in the design of projects in within our region. Essential for runoff management, curbs are permanent, highly visible and provide the customer with their first look at a finished product.

  • Paving

    Paved roads are the transportation arteries for an area dependent on the commuting workforce. At C.J. Miller, we take great pride in our reputation for high quality installations. Frequently exceeding customer specifications for quality, our installations for municipal, county and state projects are utilized by millions of people annually.

  • Reclamation

    The process of rehabilitating existing paved structures is known as reclamation, where existing pavement and paving sub-grade are pulverized and blended with chemical additives to create a more stable, homogenous base. The reclaimed pavement is then resurfaced using new material for a high quality product.

  • Soil Modification

    The geologic make-up of the region requires us to do work in many locations with soils that are not suitable to support roads or structures. The Soil Modification Division services the demands of customers that are developing sites with unsuitable soils.

  • Snow Removal

    Throughout the winter season, C.J. Miller offers commercial snow removal services. Our snow removal team works to remove snow from retail and school parking lots, work sites, and roadways. Our top-grade snow removal equipment includes multiple pieces for large jobs. Call or email us for more information and rates: 410-239-8006, info@cjmillerllc.com

Our History

C.J. Miller's humble beginings

In 1957, Charles J. Miller, Jr. (Buck) purchased a backhoe and started installing septic and sewage systems while still attending high school. With a single full-time employee, one part-time employee and a dump truck; Buck and his crew completed roughly 150 installations per year.

In 1959, Charles J. Miller, Inc officially opened for business, primarily completing farm ponds and soil conservation projects. By this time a dozer, loader, tractor and lowboy were added to the equipment fleet. Over the next few years, CJM continued to add employees and moved into larger excavation projects like commercial foundations.

In 1964, Elwood Utz became the first CJM Foreman (other than Buck) which commenced an era of multiple crews contributing to daily production.

In 1970, the decision was made to build a hot mix asphalt (HMA) production facility in Legore (Woodsboro), Maryland, and Miller Asphalt Products, Inc was born. At the time, many of the municipal and county roads in the area were surfaced using the “tar and chip” method.

In 1971, CJM began installation of hot-mix asphalt, mostly on driveways and farm lanes. During this period, Buck made an effort to educate local government officials on the superiority of roads surfaced with HMA compared to tar and chip.

C.J. Miller has a strong history

In 1979, a second HMA plant was built in Finksburg, MD. It was during this period that CJM began paving larger state and county roads.

In 1984, the Finksburg location expanded to two HMA plants in order to more efficiently satisfy customer demand while continuing to provide material to the growing construction business.

In 1988, CJM began working on underground utility projects, focusing on water mains, sewer mains and stormwater management systems for residential, municipal and commercial customers.

In 1994, pursuant to the goal of becoming a full service site development contractor, the formless curb division began pouring installations on CJM site preparation jobs.

In 1995, land clearing commenced, coupled with mulch production.  Additionally, the Legore (Woodsboro) Plant was moved across Route 194 from its original location within the Legore Quarry (now Barrick).

In 1999, a third HMA production site was purchased in Westminster, Maryland.  A fourth HMA plant was constructed on the site to satisfy increasing demand.

In 2004, Charles J. Miller, Inc and Miller Asphalt Products, Inc. were restructured into C.J. Miller LLC. Buck’s children, Lisa, C.J. and William joined their father in ownership of the newly reorganized company.  CJM commenced land clearing operations for customers and began manufacturing mulch to serve retailers, landscaping service providers and homeowners.

In 2011, Buck passed away at the age of 71. He is fondly remembered as “a reliable partner that got the job done right” by his business associates, “a tough-love boss with a big heart” by his many employees, “extremely generous with his time and resources” by his community and a loving husband father and grandfather by his family.

In 2013, C.J. Miller LLC is the premier, full service site development contractor within our markets.  Lisa, C.J., and Billy still manage CJM daily operations with the same determination, work ethic, and integrity as their father did when he led the company for over 50 years.

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