Encouraging Our Youngest Fans

Photo of Cydney with her grandson

We love when we receive a phone call from someone who wants to share a positive story about our employees. This week, Cydney Mulieri from Silver Spring called to share how she has been watching her young grandson and taking him to visit our Hampstead Streetscape Project.

She said her grandson, Matteo, knows the names of all the trucks and loves watching our employees work.

“I want to commend those workers for being so kind and so generous with their time,” she said, noting that they have given little Matteo a toy bulldozer, a hardhat and a CJ Miller Dump Truck. “I just wanted somebody to know that you should be proud of the workers. You know, not too many people today go out of their way to be so kind.”

We are thankful to Cydney for taking the time out of her day to call us, and so grateful to have employees like Site Superintendent Jake Orndorff; Foreman Jack Nelson; and HMA Field Technician Dwight Gladhill as well as others, who extend their kindness to young children who are so enthusiastic about our industry. Building America’s Infrastructure makes a difference in the community,  and we are proud that our employees patiently share their enthusiasm for that work with the youngest members of the community.