Retiring CJM Foreman Reflects On 40 Years of Moving Dirt

Photo of Model D11

When you’re like CJ Miller Foreman Kevin Bitzer and have worked at a company for more than 40 years, you have some stories to tell. Some are perhaps not fit for print, but there are plenty of others that Kevin shared during a retirement lunch in his honor March 1.

Kevin explained that when he started, the current President, CJ Miller III was about 5 years old. Kevin, known by those close to him as “BullCalf,” joked about his nickname and talked about his favorites of the hundreds of jobs he has done in the course of his career. He spoke about the Staples in Sykesville Park, Beachtree, the Walmart in Westminster, and the Shelter Systems project.

“We had nine scrapers and six backdumps and moved 26,000 cubic yards of dirt that day and that was before we had GPS,” Kevin said of the Shelter Systems job.

“We aint’s got enough hours in the day … we could talk, talk, talk,” he said of his experiences at CJ Miller.

Kevin was joined at the lunch by his wife, daughter and son, who is also a CJ Miller Foreman. As a token of presentation he was presented with a CAT model D11, and a coworker presented him with a Master Key for Caterpillar – a hard-to-find Collector’s item.

When reflecting on his career, Kevin said, “We had a lot of good times. I love moving dirt.”

We wish Kevin the best in retirement and thank him for all of his years at CJ Miller.